In need of some miracles

Father, I am virtually on my own. People have abused me, degraded me harassed me, attacked my career and reputation, status, property, worth, and robbed me repeatedly for the past 35 years or more. My health has been under attack. My own family has been the source of a good part of it. The enemy has been in my own household. I no longer can have children, I am a young senior, and there is little hope that I will find a spouse. My heart is broken and so is my will to keep fighting. I am weary. I have had so many losses of so many kinds that I am ready to throw in the towel. I need a miracle to bring back to me all that I have lost, to restore to me that which is rightfully mine by hard work or inheritance or otherwise. I ask to be restored to God and to be cleansed of whatever is causing the disasters in my life. I ask that as God restored all to Job, and to David all that the Amalekites took, so He would restore to me all that the Thief has taken from me. I ask this in the name of Jesus, God, in faith that You have already heard and answered my prayer. Amen.