In need of prayers for strength and guidance

We are currently facing extreme difficulties in our marriage. Our children are suffering and so are we. I ask for prayer for all of us. I need guidance and the Divine Lord to accompany all of us during this storm. Please help

Father, you know my heart and my thoughts. You know how much we are struggling. I ask in the name of Jesus for You to please walk with me during these trials. Father bring peace and serenity to our hearts and minds and help us get through this soon. Father guide me as I feel l cannot see the way You want me to go. Father guard the hearts of the children that they may be able to ignore the negativity that surrounds them. Light our paths and make clear what I need to do. Give us the strength to endure the lows and overcome them. Give my soul tranquility through this and please please help me. Help my faith be strong and help me know that with You all will be alright. Your most precious blood will heal us. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen

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