In need of prayer warriors for my friend

by Robib (Florida)

My friend Mike was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011 and shortly after his diagnosis he went through rounds of chemo and because of God’s divine intervention, the cancer disappeared and he has been in remission.

Since his healing he has been worked hard to uplift those in the community who are in need and those who are going through the same fight that he has been through.
A few days ago he made his trip to the cancer center for his quarterly check up and was told that his MRI results showed a small spot and he needed to start back on chemo again.
He now feels defeated and shared with me that he’s not that strong person that fought the cancer and made it through chemo 5 years ago. I know he he is wrong and I remind him of that. I pray for his strength and his willingness to make it through this again.
I ask for yours prayers. Please lift Mike up in prayer and pray that God touches him and removes that spot and gives him the strength to make it through the chemo treatments again. I ask you all of this in Jesus name.