In need of prayer

by Shyesha ()

Please pray for me.
I’ve had an anonymous stalker for 4 years now. The police have failed to intervene. It started after I became a whistleblower at the company that I worked for for 9.5 years. I experienced daily harassment and I ended up sick from it. After I went on medical leave, the anonymous stalking began. They took over my Facebook of 10 years, my phone number of 10 years, broke into my home to steal 1000 pages of documentation of what they did to me and had me misdiagnosed because I worked for the largest healthcare company in Santa Barbara so doctors participated in harming me to protect their livelihood. I was repeatedly robbed of documentation whether it was scanned to a cloud or saved to a thumbnail. I couldn’t even place a phone call without my call being forwarded elsewhere. The intruder left frightening books I didn’t own in my bedroom, such as “easy prey “.

All in all I need prayer that the anonymous stalker or stalkers will leave me alone. They’ve gone to great lengths to silence me.

I have dedicated my life to the Lord. I have no doubt that he has shielded me from their ultimate plan. Please join me in prayer that God scatter the enemy that is going after my life. I love your ministry.

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