In Need of Divine Intervention

by Angela ()

I am in need of Divine Intervention for my home and those who reside in it. I live here with my severely alcoholic boyfriend, my daughter, and her boyfriend. There’s been a lot of demonic activity in this home and problems with neighbors, the landlord, angry outbursts, severe drinking issues, demon possession, and a lot of other things. We’ve had plagues of flies, roaches, fleas, mice, black mold, and sewage spilling out under our trailer like a river. I have wound up with moderate chest pains (at times severe), my daughter cannot seem to control her hateful angry outbursts and she turns on everyone in the home, and my boyfriend’s drinking is seriously out of control. My daughter and my boyfriend have a lot of demon possession issues. I’ve dabbled in black magic a big part of my life and am trying to get out of this mess and get right with God, but I do not know how to get this out of myself, let alone how to help my daughter and boyfriend. I’m trying to get rid of the demons and trying to get close to God again, but nothing seems to be working. Life inside this house is very chaotic and tiring. I am just worn out taking care of my boyfriend, who cannot function when he drinks and cannot hold a job long enough to help me out with bills. He also does not believe in God or Jesus Christ or Satan, demons, fallen angels, etc. We really need help here. Please pray for us. I really want serenity, peace, comfort, contentment, quiet, calm, security, prosperity, stability, and happiness for the remainder of our time here. I realize problems occur in life, but my entire life has been nothing but one huge problem. There’s rarely any relief from any of it.

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