In need of an urgent miracle

by Betty (Brentwood, NY, USA)

God I need a miracle. I am a college student and I need one last year to graduate. Something unfortunate happened. I wasn’t doing too well my 1st year in my current school and as a result of that i ended up losing all financial aid from this past semester. Now I owe the school 7,919.25 dollars. I need to pay it in two weeks in order to continue on with my senior year. I have tried to find ways to pay off the money but nothing worked. I don’t work and I have no open doors. Only God can remove the amount. I need a miracle. I need help. I am not in complete peace with not going back to school so please help me pray for a miracle. I understand that I put myself in the situation but I have learned from it all and have managed to do way better. Lord help me. Please pray for me.

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