In need of a financial blessing

by Wit's End (Atlanta, Ga)

Dear Lord,

I feel as though I’m at the end of my rope, everything thing Is crashing down on me all at once. Unpaid bills, Traffic ticket, the kids needs/wants. I have no idea where my next dollar will come from. Lack of work, no job experience to get work, no money to fund my business plan, no money to further my education.

God you know my story, you know needs, you know my heart. There’s so much I want to do to help others but first I need to help myself and my family. I am so clueless on what to do about my son’s police brutality case. I feel like I have lost my fire and the world around me is moving in slow motion.

I lay in bed all day every day trying to come up with a master plan, and everyday all day I come up with nothing but a blank stare and the should have, could have and would haves. I have buried myself in my own self pity causing myself to fall in a deep depression state, that I don’t have time for.

Lord I ask of you to please bless me with the strength, the energy, the knowledge to be successful. Lord bless me with a financial blessing as my stepping stone to a better life. Lord I thank you for all of my blessing and please forgive me for all of my sins, cover me, my kids, and family protect and guide us. In Jesus name Amen

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