In need of a financial blessing ASAP

by Rebecca (Montana)

Lord, I am in need of a financial blessing. I have a mortgage payment that was due on the 1st of June but I have been unable to pay it along with several other bills. I have $35 in cash in my purse. I have nothing left to pay these bills, I don’t even have enough money to put gas in my car & go buy a few groceries because if I buy gas there’s nothing left for groceries. I am so lost at what to do, it’s on my shoulders to pay for these things. I need to have the ability to pay those bills & take care of my 2 kids. Please help me.

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  1. I need a Money Blessing

    Lord! have Mercy on me I have been struggling for a long time. I was in a situation that I had to leave, Lord my rent is 1687 a month I have a car note that I am behind in 419 time three. No car insurance nor life insurance. Lord I receive a double light bill for all utilities totaling 600, All my bills are behind my cable my phone even my ADT bill. Lord I am praying for a side job so I can pay all my bills. Lord please bless me with a financial blessing I have no where to go with my grand daughter other than a shelter. Lord please touch someone heart to help me with a Go Fund Me Fund raising I have set up for my granddaughter in dancing school. Her name is Almynee Keith I only received a 25 dollars donations. Lord I am in need I don’t want to move I am trying to keep my granddaughter stable because she been through some abuse. Please help me get everything taking care of Lord open the doors for her fund raising too. Lord I asked all this in your name Amen.

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