In need for financial stability

by YOLANDA (Queens ,NY)

Dear father…

I thank you,and appreciate every blessing I receive from you. I love the butterflies I feel when I speak your name,and hear your words. Father, I am in need for financial stability so I won’t have to worry about the negative energy life is throwing at me ,and so I can help others who are in my shoes,or worst.

Father,I am doing two things that can make my situation better for myself,and those around me. I am waiting patiently for these things to reveal themselves so my life can get better,but I can’t do it without you. Father I also want to be able to help my brothers and sisters in the world in need of financial help, to relieve them of their stress. Father i dont want to cry anymore because of the way im being treated. I don’t want to think negative thought about them. I want to think positive always because I know Father, and have faith my situation will come to pass,and I thanks you so much for always being there for me. And I love you so much for being my father…Amen!

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