in laws tortured, Help me Lord

by Sangeetha (Malaysia)

Dear Brother and Sister,

My name is Sangeetha. I have an urgent prayer request, i recently get married, my husband name Natarajan, we married going to be 2 months ready. My in laws tortured me a lot and always throw many harsh words towards me and my family members. Currently im working due to my high commitment and they torture me to leave my job and do as a maid job at their house. Pls i really in need all your prayers, we are newly married only, their parents and his relatives want to separate us, and my husband many times asks divorce from me because of his parents. My husband father called my father and give warning that he want to kill me. My parents very scared to send me to my in laws house, they will kill me. Please pray for me and save my marital life, we two together want to shift to a new home at Penang. My husband parents planned to separate both of us. pls pray for us, i want lead a happy life with my husband. pls pray for me and my husband, we want shift to new house at Penang. Now Im finding a house in Penang. My husband take his salary all given to his parents, and he parents told him do not pass or given anything to me.

Im his wife, but I feel I have no more rights within my husband. I want me and my husband to lead a happy married life In Penang….dear sisters and brothers, pls pray for me and save my marriage. Jesus pls help me and save this marriage, coz day by day his parents torture increased and did not let me stay together with my husband even inside bedroom also.what point I have to lead this life.Jesus, please answer me. I want my husband and I planned to pregnant, please let us shift to new house at Penang, please change my husband heart to move from that house and start the marital life with me in new house at Penang.please pray for us sister and brother.don’t mention my name.Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you.