In Financial Trouble

by Jamie Gray ()

I have been sent to a collection agency for a $5000.00 school loan. I honestly thought my loan was forgiven in 2017, now I find out I was wrong. This collection agency is trying to garnished 15% of my wages and take my Tax Return. I am a cashier at a department store, I only make $12.55/hr and I get 25-32 hours per week. I am also a single mother. I absolutely depend on my tax refund every year, this year I need to fix the front axle and CV joints on my truck, they are breaking/popping and I have to drive 17 miles on the Interstate twice to go to work and come home. If these CV joints break while I’m on the Interstate, it could be fatal. It’s too expensive and I was going to fix it with my Tax refund. I fear that my daughter and I will lose our apartment if this they garnished my wages, I barely make ends meet as it is. Some weeks I don’t even make it till the next pay check! I am having panic attacks/losing sleep because of this. I am 53yrs old and have never had my wages garnished. I pray everyday about this, but feel I could use more prayer! God Bless and Thank You in Advance,
Jamie Gray

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