In desperate need of prayer.

by Dallena (Columbus, Ohio, United States)

I want to start by saying I believe that my Lord will come through for me. He said ask and it shall be given. I am here because he also said a prayer is more powerful when you pray in numbers. So I beg prayer. My boyfriend of 2 years and father of my 14 month old son, is at risk of being sent to jail for years. I pray in the name of Jesus that some way, some how by only the grace of God a miracle happens in that courtroom on November 27th, 2012. I pray Lord Jesus that whatever happens, whatever that may be that my childs father gets to stay home where he belongs with his son. That you change him Lord. That he sees your will God that you have mercy on him Lord Jesus and that he is changed forever. I pray Brandon gets absolutely no jail time, so that he can come home, get into school, get a job and start construction on his life. We will keep faith that your will be done God. Thank you Jesus, Thank you. In your sweet, merciful and Holy name I pray Jesus. Amen!

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