I’ve always been a giving person, always taken care & protected my family. I’m far from perfect and always never like to ask for help but I’m in desperate need I’m about to lose my apartment,I’ve been demoted and had to take a step down at work and I’m sick and is unable to get medication.I’m sooo depressed I cry all the time I’m just fill like giving up till the point where I feel like not being here anymore. I started reading my Bible and praying cause I know I’m a strong woman and there’s people worst off then me. Im only human I feel like giving up sometimes I have three kids of my own that I raised without their dad and he brought another child he had with someone else that was molested by her moms boyfriend and family members down south I couldn’t say no she needed me. I been taking care of her since she was five, she’s now eight I love her like my own she’s one of the reasons I won’t give up & my twenty yr old son started staying out in the streets I know he started smoking cigarettes & smoking weed I’m scared for him and he just won’t listen I ask God to watch over him everyday. And last but not least I stop talking to a hand full of family & friends because I feel a lot of people takes my kindness for weakness and the more I give the more they take, I’ve lend out money when I have don’t get it back and I feel like I did something wrong what Eva blessing I get I will be grateful and in spite of everything I will still continue to give and help others.

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