Immediate Financial help

by Marie (Mahopac,New York,Putnam)

St Jude I am so grateful for all you have done & all the Blessing you have done & will do for me & my family forgive me for my sins & Bless me financially so I can also help all those in need! I know we are not susposed to pray for finances but please let finances come now and let customers find there way now into my store & in my sons store now bid on our auctions & buy the buy it now’s and high dollar dolls and items please let good offers come now that I can accept. Please let alot of my old buyers return I need 22,000 please help please do not flee from me! Please Watch over me & let no harm come to us especially me with this fight with my b there is nothing good that can come from what he is doing there evil doings.

Please do not let charges be pressed against me not now or anytime in the future. continue let JR appoint me exectrix of my both estates.This is sad he has riped apart our family. Please help me do not abandon me & Bless All of us Amen! I wish that I would hit the big lotto now big & my 1st stop to go St.Jude’s childrens hospital you have Blessed & given me healthy children. I would do what ever I can to help the needy. Please let these miracles happen and that I will get better, I will win this case, Please keep me calm, & not go to pieces, please remove any & all fears of mine Please let AW see & agree help me too and agree to proceed If I am asking the wrong way you know what is in my heart
thank you for all the blessings in my life… truely I have many things to be thankful for Please let lots of buyers buy frozen items too the big lot and maleficent items now as well as some of the high priced dolls and items now from me too.

You gave me a way to make a living please help me keep this job. I need 22,000 to clear up bills Protect us from all evil & danger, from loss of our soul, body, mind & financial losses. Help me to protect this home Bless my home with peace, joy, love, unity & an ever deeper faith so that we may live for Jesus alone, & never feel lost or alone.

Please St Jude intercede for us, we need all the grace for our faith to deepen & strengthen, & help me today for our house, our car, and especially now our finances

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