I’m tired of weight holding me back! Help me Lord

by Andrea (Alabama)

I’ve been overweight since I was 5 years old and at the age of 21 I am more determined and serious to do something about it. I’ve tried pills, not eating but once a day, gorging then vomiting, etc. but of course those things were harmful and ineffective.

I know how to get the weight off healthily, that’s not the problem, it’s getting started once again and staying committed until I’m at a happy and healthy weight. I would like to lose about 40-50 pounds and I know it will take lots of time so I’m asking for prayer for patience and self-discipline, commitment and being able to push through when I want to give up. I’m so tired of the guilt I feel after every single meal and I’m tired of letting the best years of my life pass me by but not being able to fully enjoy them because I let my weight and insecurity hold me back.

Please keep me in prayer as I begin this journey once again but let this be the last time I have to start over! To Him be the glory!

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