I’m so stressed over my financial situation, I can’t seem to relax or be patient.

by Reese (Orangeburg,South Carolina)

I’m not quite sure how to pray affectively so that’s why I ask the help of someone who knows better or have maybe just a little more faith and patience than me. As I write this prayer request my eyes overflow with tears yet another night versus sleeping. Almost every month I struggle to pay my rent and I have to either budget or go without to afford essentials or emergeny needs. I try my best to help those who aren’t as blessed to have the options I have but in turn I end up being behind or doing without because of a good deed. I am constantly trying to figure ways to be more independent and self-reliant but to no avail! My hair is falling out and I grow more confused everyday. I have next to no options. I am in danger of being socially ill and and oftentimes I feel there’s no recovering because maybe I’m supposed to be poor and addicted to crack like my mother or die from an overdose like my dad or to be a prostitute because my body is my only asset. I don’t know what to do! Maybe my hardships are so others can have a better life? I just figured that since my bringing up was so bad that my adult life would be easier but how can I complain about being 32 and broke when there are children suffering ? I’m just as confused as when I started. I’m only asking for relief before I cause my own demise. Thank you to all who care.