I’m so afraid

by Penny ()

Thank you in advance for your kind prayers.
My husband and I moved in with my dad in 2010 after my mom passed. I took care of my dad as best as I could as I knew personally I could never put him in a home. We discovered at a VA during an unrelated visit that he had lung cancer. They operated and 1/3 of his lung was removed.
He passed away on the morning of his first 3 month well check. I found him. They say he has a massive heart attack.
So my husband and I continued to live here in my parent’s home. Thought it was paid off. Long story short we found out when a sheriff delivered a foreclosure notice. So I have gone to every hearing. Let the company know this is my home and I want to keep it. Problem is…no will. So the Guardian ad Litem put me and my mom’s son from her first marriage on the deed. Problem is I couldn’t find him due to his lifestyle choices to see if he would sign a quit claim deed or sssume the loan with me. Well one of his relatives contacted me through messenger and informed me he had passed on June 5, a couple weeks ago.
So now I’m the only living heir on the deed. Again I’ve done everything asked of me to assume the loan. Traveled to another town in order to quickly obtain the death certificate as the mortgage servicer requested. Again jumping through hoops fot this company. All I’ve wanted was to just make the payments but was told it wouldn’t matter they wouldn’t apply them to the acct.
Well just a week ago they informed me that they would not allow me to assume the loan. That it was too late. So now they have scheduled an auction for July 13 just a couple weeks away. I don’t know what my husband who is disabled, or I am going to do. We have pets that we love so much. No one is renting right now I’m finding due to the Covid19 pandemic.
As I type this the tears are flowing down my cheeks. I lost my son less than a year ago. I honestly don’t know if I can handle much more. People tell me, “God loves you”, but I don’t feel it. I feel alone and scared. I’m not by far a perfect person. I have many faults. I just feel like I don’t matter. That nothing is going right. I try to have faith….but I’m beginning to lose it. I feel like I’m somehow being punished by God. Please. Please pray for me and my husband. We have no family to turn to. I’m so scared of being homeless and having to turn my dogs over to the pound.
Thank you for your prayers

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