I’m praying for my brother Sonny

by Aylene (1132 Summit St Fredericksburg Va)

Lord here I am lord asking for your merciful power to work on my brother Sonny body lord, he’s in icu right now fighting for a complication sikness, mend what is broken lord, root out any unproductive cells, open any arteries or veins,and rebuild any damage areas remove all inflammation and cleanse any infection to his body, heal my brother lord from head to toe give him strength to fight for all the sickness he have, God forgive my brother Sonny all his sin, give him another chance to live so that he will enjoy life,,, hug him, comfort him, love him,heal him,touch him and let your power healing to work in his body, I trust you lord and I know you will help him to recover very very soon in the name of Jesus… Amen

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