Im’ Praying for a Job to feed us

by Evelyn (Philippines)

Lord, I look up to you in this time of our crisis. Allow all my burdens to be risen up to you as I know that your love will see me through. I need a job…a full and stable job that’s going to help me pay my bills and to live up to our everyday food. Bless me with new opportunities to make our life better. Show me where to go and what to do so that I will complete your perfect will for our life.
Forgive me for everything wrong and selfish I done. Help me through the pain and anger in my heart. Help me to become a better person, a mother, a sister and to those around me. I want to pray for my husband, give him an open mind and may he feel good to himself. Take all my sins away. And I’m praying for my family, sisters and brothers and friends.
In Jesus name I pray. Amen.