I’m not sure why I’m on this earth. Is there a reason we’re here true false so confused.

by Sst33 (Markham Ontario Canada)

Lord what is the reason Im here on this earth. Lord I did not ask to be born. I try so hard God you know Im not lying. I cant lie to God. Everything for me goes south no matter what. I purchased a home in 2015 on speculation as do millions of investors. Between aug 2015 to present date most speculators done well. I try to speculate and the builder asked me for an additional 30000 on top of agreed price or he would not allow deal. I agreed then he forced me to use his agent for a tolral of 5percent so another 30000 now a total of 60 k. In the end the builder his agent and there side of the lawyer were paid a total of 65 thousand dollars. This builder is so wealthy not even a joke but God Bless him. All other people who did the same as me made 150k net except me. Now Im trying to buy my lease out on my truck more problems. So again was I put here to suffer because if that is the case theyve succeeded 100%

Ive suffered emensly for last 17 or more years just cant do it anymore.
Plesae take me away hell must be better then this


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