I’m in too much debts

by JACOB (Kattappana,Kerala,India)

Oh dear god, please help me to overcome my debts… I’m in too much debts and i have no other way other than you. I dont know how to pay back everything. I know nothing is impossible with god.

My debts are not only for me but also for my family.

You know my situations, you only know my everything.. Please show me a way otherwise i dont know what will happen. I will not forget you..Please forgive my sins as I’m not good to you. Please help me God..
Than you for hearing my cries… thank you for answering my prayers. i want to look after my family.. My parents, my sisters..

I have father, mother and three sisters.. Father is a pastor and now he not well in health and taking rest at home. I have to make marriages to my sisters.. I ‘m studying Msc computer science, doing some software Jobs.. I have to find every thing for my family and my studies.. less income but big expense.. so increasing debts day by day. Now I have more than six lakh Indian Rupees debts. Help me god…

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