I’m hurt

by Ashlie (College Station)

Lord, I’m crying right now. I need your help. I wanna give up so bad. I feel like this relationship isn’t worth all the tears I’ve cried. Lord I need you to strengthen me. I know I love this man, but he doesn’t see it. Lord put it in his heart and show him that I’ve never cheated, that I’ve been with him 100% since day 1. Lord, when I look at our son all I see his him. Jesus please help me with my attitude. Help me with my mouth. Help me be the woman you made me to be. Father, I am hurt. He lied to me. I wanna forgive him, i do, but this is so hard. I’ve said very hateful things out of anger and I need you help me with my anger. I know all of this is the devil trying to ruin something good. Lord help me humble myself and forgive him for what he has done, because I know you can’t forgive if I don’t forgive him. Lord just help me

In Jesus name I pray

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