I’m heartbroken, alone, and helpless.Please pray for reconciliation

Please im begging you to take few seconds to pray on this matter and thank you!

The last few weeks have been really had on me as I am going through a very tough break up with my long term bf. we’re both in college and he ended things in a very sad note. there was never cheating or lying going. we both love Christ so very much. I miss him beyond anything but i haven’t heard from him since then. please lift me up with your prayers for reconciliation. Other than the lord he was the only family i had.

Pray that the Lord may open his heart and mind on this matter and that he returns to me. If the Lord can bring us together when we first met i know anything and all things are possible for him and that this maybe his will for us to give it one more shot and that second chance be blessed. Also please pray that he makes contact as i’m so scared to try to contact him as it may push him even further away.

Thank you all for taking the time to life me up on this matter.

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  1. Bring my man back

    Dear God, I am still in love with my ex Yhoan. If you are listening to me, you know the pain I am going through. You know the number of times I have cried and my current situation. I love him a lot. I lost him due to my short temper and my big ego, and he also behaved badly in the end. But somewhere deep down even you know how much he means to me. Please give me ONE chance and I will keep my ego aside and love him even more.

    I will be nice to him and respect him for the many good qualities he possesses. May he love me truly this time and not just be infatuated or something. I really want him back in my life. My condition is so bad that I can do nothing but pray for the recovery of my situation. I want my sweetheart back.

    Please God, give me just ONE LAST CHANCE and I will prove to you that I can change myself for the better.

  2. united

    Hold on because even in our darkest hour God is with us. Have faith and expectation of God working things out for your good.

    Lord I pray for this hurting child of God mend their heart and speak to their spirit so that they may be comforted. Make whole the broken relationship as only you can


  3. Prayer he has contacted you.

    Lord, please bring this young couple back together, her sincere and prayer should grace his heart and open up the door for a reunion….in Jesus name I pray Amen.

    I am going through a separation from my wife who I love dearly, 24yrs of marriage and I lost her. Please pray for Darren and Lori.

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