I’m devastated. Please pray.

by carolyn phelps ()

My Christian husband left me the day after Christmas. He wants a fast divorce. His reason is that, “I realize I don’t love you like a wife; I love you like a friend.” We’ve been married 41 years next Tuesday. He’s never been mean to me, never hit me, but never cherished me either. We have been church leaders, held many marriage groups, even went to Ethiopia to teach on marriage there. Yesterday, he texted me, “I hope you’ve been keeping track of the food you’ve been eating out of the fridge and freezer since I left.” This has just devastated me. What a mean-spirited thing to say to your wife! I’m just a bucket full of tears today. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor on 2/26/20, and he doesn’t believe me. He thinks I’m lying about this. Because I can’t have surgery now with the COVID19 stuff going on, he thinks that I’m making it up – thinks if I “REALLY” had a tumor, I’d be in surgery. My heart is shattered. I don’t know how much more I can take. Our house is heated with wood and pellets. I’m 60 years old and having to haul in wood and 40 pound bags of pellets… with a brain tumor in my head! I need prayer please.

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