im begging to god to have miracle to my husband

by Angela (Lemon Grove)

god im praying from the bottom of my heart,im begging you to give my husband a chance to have this new life,i will walk on my knees for forgiveness please you made us fall in love, thats the best gift you ever gave him love.

i know he done wrong, and his calling you he cried for you he admit he turn his back on you,his suffering,please give us a chance to live with this new life .im not asking for anything else except him we love each other so much. pls make our love strong.

our marriage not fail,i know he commit a crime and he needs to be punish.pls im begging you my god the most powerful god in this world let the court be fair to his trial this june,just a fair trial hoping he get out of jail so we can be family ,no more evil around him im here to guide him and take care of your son,,,.thank you my god

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