I’m at the end of the rope. Lord, Help me.

by Cindy (Toledo, OH)

Dear Lord,

I pray that I become employeed soon, my family is about to lose everything. I don’t even have enough money to buy toilet paper…thats how bad it is. My electricity is going to be shut off if I don’t receive a financial blessing. I pray my income tax return comes soon and I obtain a job then everything will fall into place.

I know God I have done wrong, I now stand before you to ask your forgiveness for all my sins. I promise to live my life as your will not mine. God, my children are suffering and I have no one turn but you….please keep me in your heart and watch over us…I truly need a break here.


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  1. Help me Lord

    Help me lord, for I am at the end of my rope. I need a job and get my life on the right path. I have nothing to live for anymore.

  2. God knows and cares

    God knows and cares beyond what we could ever possible imagine. He is working all things for those who belong to Him for His glory and His children’s good. While we are distracted amist the weeds, Our omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnipresent Holy God can see the forest and the roots. I am finally tasting the bitter pill of consequences for my deliberate disobedience (majority being omitted sins). Guilt and shame prompt me to repentance. I am in a deep, dark pit that a dug, willfully all on my own. Nevertheless, the boundless love of Jesus Christ is even here. I am bruised and broken but still secure in the Everlasting Arms.

    Point: My current problems are self inflicted and although I still need to face consequences, God has not abandoned me and has, in fact, pulled me even closer to Him. Trust Jesus. He will guide you through – whether using someone indirectly or through a direct supernatural intervention. Start praising and thanking Him in advance for your deliverance. Meditate on Philippians Chapter 4.

    My prayers that you and your family experience the blessing of God’s presence right now. I pray that He provides what you need just when you needed it to be reminded that God Is alive, knows, cares, loves, and pines for you.

  3. I need help

    I try to be a good person. I help others when I can. Sometimes I go too far with that and give away money that I should probably keep.. I am about to lose our home. I can’t get out of the financial whole I’m in and unless I do, my family will be homeless.. I am embarrassed and have no sense of self worth at the moment. I don’t even know if i have the right to pray because my faith is something I question too often. So God, If you are there and can hear me, I pray I am worth helping and that I have done enough to be recognized by you.

  4. Help

    I need help now!! I can’t go any further because I can’t see ahead of me. I have exhausted all of my fiances and resources. I have been waiting for your miracle to come but it hasn’t yet. Sent it to me now be for it’s too late.

  5. Never Give Up

    I had just received my degree as a social worker when I was fired from my job of almost 7 years. I had to walk away from everything in my apartment and I started out living with family members but that only goes so far it’s been almost 5 years now and have worked odd jobs at temp agencies but you would think that I would get a job with my degree but not to this day. I’ve had ups and downs where I felt like I was going to get through all of this and then the next instant I felt like I wasn’t going to get through this and I’m doing the best I can to remind myself that God promised to never leave me nor forsake me. It’s not easy but I’m grateful because so many things has happened since I lost my job I was in a terrible accident a car accident but he kept me the car that I now have that I had all along it’s starting to act up I’m having to get hand-me-downs I’m having to try to find organizations that could help me there’s so much bottled up on the inside till it literally sometimes feel like I’m not going to make it being that I don’t know which way to turn and people, family members or friends they can only do so much but I just want to encourage anyone else who may be going through something similar just hold on don’t give up let’s fight to believe our change is around the corner God bless you!

  6. Dear Lord please help me.... I am at the end of my rope...

    Dear Lord please help me as I am at the end of my rope. My husband does not feel the need to help with the house, I am working 7 days a week driving over 750 miles a week to and from work. I am always angry or depressed and quite frequently I am exhausted. I struggle to count my blessings any longer. I am so grateful for him and the baby I always prayed for but now I need peace as mine has gone and has been replaced with anger and hatred. My once beautiful thoughts of love and passion replaced with disdain and disappointment. Please heal my heart and guide me from my dark path. I have never felt more alone in my life….

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