Im asking God to please keep my family together

by Tiffanie (Charlotte)

Im asking everyone to please keep my family together. My boyfriend and I have been together for seven years (since 2009).We have had seven great, amazing and happy years. We dont argue or fight. We’ve had small disagreements but nothing major. We have a beautiful blended family of three daughters.The oldest is my boyfriend’s daugher and the youngest two are my daughters. We do not have any children together. We treat each other like they are our kids. We dont treat them any differently.

My family loves him and his family loves me. This February (2016) I found out my boyfriend cheated with his ex and has a 2 1/2 year old daughter. She lives in the same town as me. I dont know how he was able to hide and keep it from our family, as he is home every day and night. So for a couple of years he has snuck on his lunch break to visit his daughter at daycare. And maybe a few minutes in the afternoon. When I met him he was a single father and he has always been an amazing father to my two. He expressed how sorry he was and he loved me and wanted to work things out with me and eventually get married. I love this man with all my heart so I agreed and opened up my heart and home to his daughter. Four weeks ago he told me that he felt like he’s missed years of his daugther’s life and he wanted to be a full time father to her and try to reconcile with her mother.

This has completely devasted me and it is tearing our family apart. No matter how much he hurt with with he infidelity I still love him and want to marry this man. He has been gone alot more leaving our family (including his biological daughter) at home. I dont want my family destroyed. I want to be with him and our daughters want our family to stay together. God please touch his heart and mind that our family is where he needs to stay and that he can be a good father to his daugther while maintaining our family. I feel like only God can change his mind and touch his heart. I dont want my family destroyed. Will everyone please pray for me.

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