i’m asking for prayers for financial healing fast

by Li (Elizabeth (Ohio)

i’m asking for prayers for financial healing fast.my name is liz(elizabeth) a couple months ago i was in a car accident. broke my right arm in 2 places and broke my wrist. Its been a very long 2months.i worked but i couldnt do my normal job which resulted in a big paycut. I still went to work even tho my bones were moving for a week and 2days before i had surgery.now i have 2 metal plates and screws in me. i still have a fracture. but i’m trying to do my normal job, even tho it hurts bad, im trying to pick my speed back up.(please prayn i do and that i get a big raise, i make less than people with less experience) im doing my best.. Now its christmas time.I cant buy gifts for the children. I cant buy heating oil for us.(and my mom has cancer which shes cold quite often) i feel like a major failure.i’m letting everybody down. i can’t afford to fix my car back. and i just cant get back on my feet. I need help really fast. because i just give up.please pray i recieve help soon. please pray i really need help..

thank you GOD and thank you everyone for your prayers.