I’m am sorry for hurting the love of my life and I am sorry for hurting myself

by Rosa (San Francisco)

Dear lord I ask for forgiveness from you and guidance to help me forgive myself. I made mistakes over and over again. I can’t seem to find the real reason for it when I ask myself. All I know is that I regret them. And that I do not want to make the same mistakes again. Please help me be a better person and make better decisions. help me not to make the same mistakes again. Help me forgive myself and please forgive me god because these mistakes I’ve made I know are frowned upon by you. I don’t feel worthy of your love or forgiveness and worst of all , I often feel unworthy of the life you have given me. I am sorry I feel this way but that is why I come to you to help me. Please cleanse my soul and help my heart heal and help me be a better version of myself. Help me forgive myself and others and help those who I’ve hurt, forgive me and re connect with me. I love you Jesus and I want to love myself and others . Please help me break free of regrets , the past, and help me move forward and help me mend broken relationships and situations that were caused by my bad choices. I know you will help me because you love me and because you have always helped me in one way or another. Thank you lord , amen

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