Illegal FBI Situation

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I have posted here before for prayer requests after an illegal FBI raid. There was FBI/police and neighbors showing up with Reddit posts as probable cause and turned away. There was police with a hearse threatening to put me in the back if I ever “SWATTED” a school. There was police showing up saying they burn bodies and many other things, including cussing turning off the camera. During the raid they were said to have broken over 17 laws including confenscating from a minor (my then 13 year old sister). There was even some actors showing up such as Bryan Cranston and lawyers of Shae Laebouf. The higher personnel said it is illegal to have a trial without the video footage. There was around 18 people filming and cutting filming it of to cuss me out. This raid happened on Aaron court on January 22 2019 from 5:50-8:54am in Sarasota. The small group of FBI that interviened to put me on house arrest told the judge there was no filmers or only 1-2 filmers. There is always by law filmers at FBI searches. The judge sentenced me last month to 5 years of probation with 500 hours community service for the plea agreement to one fake bomb threat charge instead of many. He said “if you fail one drug test I will put you in jail the maximum amount of time”. Our high payed lawyer told my family it would not be jail no matter what during my year and a half pretrial phase. Almost no one believes me about what happened and they try to send me to in prison mental hospitals when I have discussed this with the lawyer we had. I need prayers these FBI/agencies/police are caught with the evils they are doing and what they are severely illegally keeping from judges and higher government agents. Thank you for anyone who will keep this in their prayers God Bless. The court doing this is fort Myers federal court.

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