I’ll be going to the doctor on Monday for an Std and Hiv testing and I’m asking all prayer warriors to pray for me.

by Sutania (New York)

Dear heavenly father as I come before you with my burdens I wanna thank you for my life,my family,parents,friends and loved ones o Lord I'm coming to you to ask for forgiveness for every sin that I've committed on earth o god you are god and you're the only one I can pray to and you give me miracles and deliverance o god as I'm here praying to you with a humble soul begging for your guidance and protection in my life as I'll be going to the doctor on Monday for an Std and Hiv testing and I'm asking your for your grace and mercy to let my test results me negative Lord I'm begging you for your grace and I will be a change person in return I will be more closer to you than I have ever been i know I may not talk to you all the times but I love you Lord and I'm thankful for your mercy and guidance as I'm here feeling anxiety and fear in my soul I want you to help me to be a better person o god you are for me and I am for you Lord please answer my prayer and work miracles for me in your name I reign for your mercy and miracle on me o god I promise I will be a different person for the rest of my life and I will fulfill that promise I've made to you…. Lord I want to be with you forever without remembering my past and I want to live free from sickness and diseases so Lord as I'm here with you please bless my body and heal any sickness that's in me I know you've worked miracles before so I'm begging you to work one for me and bless my life and body Lord you're the only one I can turn to and get deliverance and I'm thankful for the peace you have bring in me while praying to you Lord I'm emotionally hurt,broken and secretly asking you to break all those emotions im going thru lord you are my god and you're the only one I put my trust in please answer my prayer in Jesus name I pray Amen

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