ii fell o my head o o snowney day it was black ice for two day

by Ingrid (Toronto Ont)

It was on 19th of January 2011 the weather was very bad for two days , it was black ice, that it was very slippery , form work, o the I walk form the subway to my home , which I usually do sometime if the bus is late, on the 19 the January 2011 coming from work I decided to walk I was almost close to my home , as soon as I was going to cross the light I fell on my back hit my head o the side wall , I got not get up, until the ambulance came for me ad they brought me to hospital for treatment from that time I am not able to do as before, I got very tired the memory is to the same, my lawyer told me that the case is going to be on the 30th of October at 2.00 pm , I am just asking for pray so that I could be successful in my hearing on that day. I ask father to help let there been favor. he is my lawyer that is going to plea on my behalf to grant me favor love trust ad prosperity in Jesus name, now I was thinking of going back to my country Dominica commonwealth as I am not working , but the hurricane Maria came and destroy my country I have o home again my home is o the ground but I Jesus name we shall raise again