If its your will Lord, let it be done. I miss my sons mother.

by Andrew (Arizona)

Dear God, i pray that You rebuild the love back into my sons mothers heart for me. I know she was a dear blessing from You because she came with everything i prayed for. I messed up bad Lord because i allowed us to escape from Your hand, and i regret it.

Lord, i gave the devil open opportunities to enter our relationship and allowed him to have a field day with us. Lord please bring her back to me, i will never allow him to have any type of control over me again. Now that shes gone Lord, it hurts. Its destroying my mind. I just want my family back, i want to potentially get married to this beautiful, lovely, God sent angel. I love her Lord. But above all, I LOVE YOU! I never want to lose You ever again. I long to stay with You until i no longer breathe. God help.

But if its in Your will for us to be apart. God, let Your will be done.

Thank You Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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