I would like prayer for the myself and the girl I was dating

by Jake ()

I would like prayer for the myself and the girl I was dating. Please help her to realize how good we would be together. Please don’t let her make the same mistakes I did when I was newly dating. Please help her to see that I will quit smoking and am a leader. Please don’t let there be anyone else. Please help her to fall in love with me, miss me, and want to see me. Please remove all the doubts she has about us from her mind. Please reassure me I doing the right thing by not giving up. I have tried and prayed so hard for relationships in the past and it has always failed. Please let it work this time. Please help to stop smoking. Please help me with my confidence, insecurities, faith, and to think things out better. Please don’t let me have to be alone again this year on my birthday. Please let me be able to see her as it would mean the world to me. I have waited so long to find someone and tried so hard in this relationship. I am sorry for the mistakes that I made Please let this work out. Thank you and amen