I would like love in my marriage back

by Nikki (Selden, NY)

I know my husband takes anti depressants and he lives in a clinic/ apt complex so we make our marriage work. It use to be if he would stay over i would flirt with him, he would kiss me back and we would have passion in our marriage. Not always because of his medicine but at least it was there and he wanted to. .make love.

Now. If i flirt with him he’ll kiss me, but he’ll swat his hand away from me. If we make love it’s one sided and it really makes me feel like I’m in a loveless marriage and i feel really unattractive too. He use to think i was beautiful inside and out, and now i have to wear make up because he wants me to “look out for myself” i put up with so much, i put him through online college which was $500. I don’t think his family would have that kinda patience the way that i would with him.
I just would like God and Jesus and the angels to influence my husband the way he used to be and maybe he could hold me and treat me like the way a real women is supposed to be held and loved or at least meet me half way on things and i could sleep peacefully at night.
For a change. :'(

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