I Will be Still & Wait on You Lord

by S Jones (Maplewood , Nj)

Dear Lord,

I come to you on bending knees. Lord I ask for this new job that I know I will you get because you said have not cause you ask Not . Lord I ask in Jesus Name to be made whole. In my Financial trouble, in my health and lord I ask that my mortgage payment is lowered in JESUS name. I’m taking care of my senior Mom and my 3 year old granddaughter. Lord please Bless my children . In there journey of life . Bless my older daughter that she may have children lord . Bless my Only Son , as he protects & serves . Bless my younger daughter and she finds her ways in life and graduate.
Lord I want more of you & less of me. Please pray for my church.
I ask all of these things in Jesus name as I come to Thee.


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