I want to Thank You St. Jude for Prayers answered

by Caroline (Eb, Nj. Usa)

I want to Thank You St. Jude for Prayers answered. I have always struggled in life. Nothing has come easy for me. But, I’m very Lucky because I’ve always had St. Jude to see me thru the things I thought would break me.

I always need you St Jude, but right now its for two reasons. First is to help me with My relationship with Michael. We’ve had a very bumpy road this last year to say the least an our relationship has been strained. Please St. Jude touch his heart and guide him so he can a how me his heart. Help him to prove his words. And 2ndly I am in a how desperate state financially, there is 71,000.00 in back child support that is owed to my children and we desperately need that money. Please help us obtain a lump some payment of some sort. Thank You St.Jude. CH, Nj

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