I want to sent out a prayer for my Friend her Name is Teresa

I asking Jesus if its will, to heal this woman from the inside out, outside in ,and not to let this terrible cancer take over her body I’m asking Jesus to take it out of her body and throw it in the Pitts of hell..forever…Jesus just reminding u that this is an wonderful woman that u have created…She has done a lot of good deeds in her life time.

And if it means anything she is my friend,and I would like very much if she’s stays on this earth for a long time…Please Jesus..destroy this cancer in her body and please help us Humans find a cure for cancer and all diseases..if it’s not ur will then I ask that u are there for her and hold her tight and let her know that I’m thankful that’s she’s my friend..In Jesus name Amen.

Please bestow Blessings on Teresa

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