I want to pray for my cousin’s family whose on the really rough patch

by Lydia (Sydney)

Heavenly father, thank you for all Your kindness and grace that you gave us every seconds. I know that I’m a sinful and unworthy child. But I also know that You will always receive Your children with open arms. Today, I want to pray for my cousin’s family whose on the really rough patch right now. Both of her parents are separated right now and she also have a lot to deal right now. God, please have mercy on their family. Give them love that used to be there and unite the family as it used to be and as it should be. Please open the father’s eyes to all of the bad things he has done to his wife and daughters. Please open the mother’s heart once again to forgive all the bad things she got through her marriage so the only things she has are beautiful memories they spent all these years. Please let both parents love each other as they did before and let them fulfill their vow that they made to you. Father, please give the children patience and open their heart’s to forgive each other. Please wipe their tears away and calm their anger so they can heal their wounded hearts and start fresh. Please let this family be unite once again in Your name, O Father. Please let them forgive one another. I know that they think their family is over but, I also know that in Your name, nothing is impossible. Almighty Father, I know in every storm and challenge in our life, You must have a great plan for us and I know You will never abandon Your children’s cry. Thank you Father, for hearing my prayer. Amen.

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