I want to over come my Financial crisis

by Kumar G (India)

DEAR Almighty God,

I dont know weather this works or not, because i have prayed a lot but nothing changed my life. Infact i lost trust on every single god and every body around me. I am so fed up that i lost confident on every human being around me. Yes I did a mistake by borrowing money but i did not misuse it.

Now i lost everything and now iam a family man and a father of a child. Because of this Financial stress to repay the amount and to improve my business my mind is going in a bad way which i do want to.But i have no other option. As a last try Iam posting this Prayer. If at all if there is a God Please help me from recovering from my financial crisis however that should not be known to my family members.

God please help me I am begging you I have to pay that i should not cheat them and all these things should not be revealed to my family members. Total money i required is 3000000.

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