I want to be reunited with my daughter

by Dan (Chandler AZ)

My daughter has Aspergers. Ive raised her since she was born. This past Christmas eve we had a horrible argument and I lost control. I did not hit or injure my child in any fashion,but I did say some foul things to her. I threatened to break her cell phone and laptop. She became scared of me and went to stay with her mother.

She said she still loves me and that she knows she will return home but doesnt know when.

I’ve never never been so afraid in my life. I know God will forgive me,but I need my daughter to return to me. I’ve learned my lesson. Each day is an eternity. I did not realize the depth of feelings that I have for my child. Until this happened. Besides being Autistic she is 16 (today). I dont even know how to act, it seems that her mother is trying to dirve a deeper wedge between us. The mother has not been there for 85% of my daughter’s life.I can’t deal with this horror much longer.. I was wrong and ashamedly admit it.

So please ,if some of you can pray for us to be together again, I welcome the help. I know we all have our own problems but ,please if you would, This house needs to be a home again. I love my daughter with all of my heart.She is my world.

Thank you, for listening to me.

God Bless you all.