I want the man I love to love me too

Lord I come before you as a sinner and I beg of you to forgive my sins as I forgive those for what they have done against me, I’m in love with a man that doesn’t know me,at least I think he doesn’t but he actually might but either way I wasn’t him to love me,that’s who I want to be with for the rest of my life and I want him to want to be with me for the rest of his life I want you oh lord to help me make this happen please GOD let him be the man you have designed for me to marry and he is a very wonderful man a a good christian,GOD I know that you are willing and able to do this for me with you all things are possible,nothing is impossible with you,you are the creator of all things and you can do anything LORD please you know this man let him find me and let me find him to and let us be together please guide us through every stage of our relationship and please guide us through every stage of our marriage when we get married and let us love each other forever let us not be able to do without each other and let you be in our heart first and let us get closer to you as we get closer to each other and lord let no one ever put us assunder and let no one ever seperate us and let no evil seperate us and let no evil put us assunder I trust that you will do this for me I know that you can and I know that you will in your own time please lord let your time be very soon and close I have faith in you and I know that you have already answered all our prayers AMEN and LORD please grant other people heart desires that pray here on this website and people that pray anywhere else too AMEN:)I love you LORD and I always will