I want my stella back to me

by Dattala (Hyderabad)

Dear heavenly father I have sinned a lot I may forgot my sins but you know everything about me.

As I have lived sinful life I’m asking you to please forgive my sins and give me a chance.to bring back my wife stella.
As you know she is with Sam and engaged.
I lied to her about my job and studies,for one year.but I never had a thought to cheat her.I lied to her because if I tell her truth she’ll may leave me.but I swear I never tried to cheat her.
I am facing endless fear and endless pain please give me your peace by bringing back my stella back.just give me one chance to prove my self.
And let her and her family know that what I am who I am.even before I writing my prayer I sinned by talking bad words on you please forgive me for everything what I had done.please give me a chance.
Still now I am crying I don’t know what to do.but only praying for you.
Please heavenly father I can’t bare this pain anymore.sometimes I am thinking to die.I have nothing but you.
Please god give a chance to prove my self.I’m not a cheater.I never cheated.if I did without knowing please forgive me.please bring my stella back.give me a chance. Lord please I’m begging you.