I want my marriage to be sweet and fall in love with my husband forever

by Asha (London)

Please pray for me, I am marriage but there are loads of arguments between us, sometimes my husband sad our marriage will not work. I don’t want this, I love my husband and we have two wonderful sons.

Please I request God to help me and ask the prayer warriors to pray for me, so that we both love each other strongly and make our Marriage sweet forever, clear all misunderstanding between us, and let us find the love again. Clear all the little arguments between us. Make us not to argue but to support each other and have a happy married life again. I don’t want my marriage to break, this the least things on my mind.

I want us to live a happy married line forever in Jesus name. I have full faith in God to help us save our marriage and he will surely answer my prayers.

In the name of Jesus Amen

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