I want my life back to me Jesus.

by Ashwini (Banasowadi)

My dr god u r my last hope plz help me and take me .I have loved a guy from 4ys truly ..and now he is avioding me telling situation and problem. Am begging u Lord plz send him back to me am alone on one ther for me to help me .save me Jesus plZzzz god let my love come to me he should think about me he should never think to Leave me ..he should search and come for me. Change and fill him for me with True love effection care and understanding support on me plzzz god unite me back with my lov and bles my marriage with their and my family support and blessings with Happiness plz god don’t let me down. I told Everyone I will marry him. Plzzz change him god. I don’t want money etc I only need his true love back to me. Everyone looking cheaply at me god. As god u know everything wat am suffering with.i only trust in u plz,z help me save me with good life with him Jesus amen

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