I want my future husband to come into my life to stay. Forever

by Mairim (Be)

I am 31, I am so low this period even if I display happiness…my heart is in pain because I’ve been enduring alone for too long since I was 22..I’ve been facing life by myself..I always tried to be strong but I am tired to be strong…at this moment of my life as I’ve been praying for so long I want a real man close to me…a man who loves me..who is all I was waiting for.

I met you in October and you are in my heart since then..God if is him give him the knowledge and the feelings to understand that is me he wants…otherwise it means is not your will..distance is not a stop for you.

I pray that this single season should end up…make me successful with my start up plan not for myself but for Us and my family. I pray that my man will come to me this year 2016 because I need and I want to share love.

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