I want my fiance back

by Marybeth (Springfield, Ohio, Usa)

Dear lord,

Please hear my prayer
James and I have been together for over 2 years. It was my longest relationship and it was his too. We were so happy yes we fought and was both a bit controlling but we loved both each other.
Lord I know you brought us together for a reason.
Please I feel so weak without him everything just fell apart in one night I don’t understand .he’s now with a girl who has two kids and she still loves her ex. I want her to be back with her ex so they can be a family again please lord. Please bring me and James back together we had our future planned together and before he left out my house he said he still love me please lord I love him. I really don’t know how to pray the right way but I’m trying lord. Please let us both refrain from arguing alot . Fill both our hearts with your love Jesus. Please bring us back together and have a happy life. And let my family like him again. Please lord .
In your name Jesus Amen