I want my family back

i ask for a Marriage prayer my heart is heavy my family is not what it once was .I blame myself and I take full responsabilities for my actions .My husband was incarcerated and on the last year I cheated and got pregnant .Oh how that feeling I had never of my family coming to an end .

I knew this was gonna happen and my kids no longer want anything to do with me neither does my husband .He said he cant be with me because everytime he sees my baby its just a reminder and he doesn’t forgive me and now has a girlfriend who my kids call mom and its only been a year .I want my family to be back as one I know we planned to be a family when he got out and I messed that up .

I ask u to pray for my family to let my husband and children have a forgiving heart and except my baby and not as that baby but as their sister in jesus name I ask to fix what i have destroyed only u can fix this .Thank u god bless

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