I Want Another Chance

by Rj (Ny)

Dear Lord God Almighty, at this time I need your blessings & help because I’m at risk of losing a prestigious seat in the pharmacy program that I’ve been blessed with due to my 3 low grades that I’ve received. I acknowledge the fact that I should have used the talents you gave me & worked harder in school despite being lost & lonely. I wish a miracle would happen & that you will help the Scholastic Standing Committee that determines further actions to give me a second chance to redeem myself & work even harder in the following years. I’m in desperate need of your help because I have no peace of mind & I look to you to help me in this time of suffering for me. Please help me Lord as I’m anxiously awaiting what happens because I don’t want to emotionally hurt my parents because they’ve worked way too hard to put me in a school & provide for me. I don’t want to hurt them or deteriorate their health because they’re important in my life to get me where I want & need to be. Please help me Lord, as without this I’m nothing without what you have given me.

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