I use a “Prayer Diary”.

by Jessica (United States)

Recently, in the last few months I began to pray, usually late at night but often whenever I want to.. which is often. I pray to alone, out loud when I am distressed and wanting God to hear me, mainly though, I write my prayers in my Diary, often they are at least 14 pages long front to back! 🙂

I see no other option when I need spritual help, when I know my problem is not something I can handle alone, I ask for God’s help.

But I do need to get better at praising him first. I have had serious negativity and difficulties having faith and keeping hope especially lately but for 2015, the brand new year, I not only want God’s help becoming more grateful, positive, faithful and hopeful but also that I can become more patient and forgiving. And most especially.. that I have *everyone I love and who truly loves me back* into my life.

*My best friend and lover, Eoin* is who I want in my life, God.